CE marking

Nemko can help you solve the process of CE marking.

CE – mandatory

CE marking is mandatory for allowing access into the European Union. This marking is dictated by a number of directives and covers most products including most all electrical equipment, including e.g.

  • Electrical consumer products
  • Medical equipment
  • luminaries
  • Radio & Telecom equipment
  • and more..

CE – how to obtain?

For most products the CE marking is essentially based on the manufacturer’s own declaration of conformity with the relevant directives.

In the case of some high risk products, like medical products, the involvement of a Notified Body is required. This may also be the case when European product standards are not used.

CE – many directives

There are a number of directives that requires CE marking of the products, e.g.

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) – covering electrical safety
  • EMC Directive – covering Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • RED Directive – covering radio and telecom products (wireless products)
  • Medical Device Directive
  • RoHS Directive – covering hazardous substances in products
  • ErP Directive – covering energy efficiency

What can Nemko do?

Both as test- and certification body and as a notified body Nemko can do the necessary work in order for you to do the required declaration and CE marking. Nemko can do necessary product testing and build the technical file you need. For directives where a Notified Body is required to be involved, like for medical equipment, Nemko can issue the certificates required.

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