WEEE directive – waste electrical and electronic equipment

Nemko help manufacturers and importers with complete documentation  for WEEE. The purpose of the WEEE directive is to eliminate that EEE go to landfill.

EEE contain hazardous substances which could come back into nature and harm plants, animals and human beings. Secondly they contain a lot of precious minerals which need to be collected. Yearly it is collected 320 tons of gold and 7500 tons of silver from EEE worldwide. Only a few decades ahead, we will have used up most of the natural minerals on the globe and all new products need to be made from today products.

Nemko offer following services to manufacturers and importers:

  • Calculation of recycling, re-use and recovery rates
  • Drawings and dismantling instructions for recycling plants
  • Attestation of conformity with directive
  • Consulting

The recast WEEE directive 2012/19/EU with effect from February 2014 year put restrictions on several parties:

  • Consumers
    • deliver used EEE to public collection stations
  • Authorites
    • establish the systems
    • control the recycling and recovery process
    • secure free of charge delivery for consumers
    • meet collection targets for country                     
  • Producers
    • enroll in particular countries collection scheme
    • put the symbol “waste bin” on the products for consumers
    • calculate recovery and recycling rates on products to ensure they meet the limits
    • design products for easy dismantling
    • give dismantling instructions or drawings to recycling plants to secure fast and safe dismantling of their product
    • include directions for removal of hazardous substances.

Products covered by the directive will be extended to all EEE in 2018 in line with the scope extension of the RoHS directive.

Currently it covers following product categories:

  • Category 1:   Large Household Appliances
  • Category 2    Small Household Appliances
  • Category 3:   IT and Telecommunications Equipment
  • Category 4:   Consumer Equipment
  • Category 5:   Lighting Equipment
  • Category 6:   Electrical and Electronic Tools
  • Category 7:   Toys, Leisure and Sports Equipment
  • Category 8:   Medical Devices (not implanted and infected devices)
  • Category 9:   Monitoring and Control Instruments
  • Category 10: Automatic Dispenser

Be aware of the increase in recycling and recovery rates introduced August 2015.

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