Statistics show that, in addition to China, Japan, and Korea which remain the top priorities in Asia, India (with 1.3 bill people), Indonesia (255 mill) and Malaysia (30 mill) are increasingly important emerging markets for manufacturers and international exporters of e.g. wireless technology products, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification products in the 800/900MHz range).

Vår Visepresident for Miljø, Jon Ivar Tidemann, ble nylig intervjuet av Elektronikkbransjen om det nye lavspenningsdirektivet. En av konsekvensene med det nye direktivet er at mye av produsentenes ansvar blir overført til importørene.  

During the first week of June, the annual IECEE Certification Management Committee (CMC) meeting took place in Oslo, Norway. 

The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization SASO intends to start a new national certification scheme based on the types of systems defined in the international standard ISO/EC 17067. 

Measures are implemented to make the process for recall of defective consumer products sold within the territory of China more efficient.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has notified the WTO (World Trade Organization) about a draft regulation for “Enforcement of Compulsory Standard Specifications”.

The former EEPCA (European Electrical Products Certification Association) with its secretariat in Paris, is now renamed ETICS (European Testing, Inspection & Certification System), and has moved to Brussels where housed in the same office premises as CEOC (the International Confederation of Inspection & Certification Organisations and IFEA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies). 

The IECEE Certification Management Committee (CMC) is the controlling body of the successful international CB scheme. The annual meeting of the CMC will during the first week of June take place in Oslo, Norway, hosted by NEK in cooperation with Nemko.

The Taiwan authority BSMI has announced implementation of RoHS requirements, which are largely the same as the well-established RoHS requirements in Mainland China, (and also similar to those of the European RoHS directive).

The European Low Voltage Directive, covering most electrical and electronic products for home and office use, changed April 20, 2016. As a consequence, your products need new documentation for sales in Europe!