The so called hygienic certification requirements for Russia are now on hold, including the certification of personal computers for screen radiation, noise, etc.

Nemko’s annual seminar in Oslo will take place 13-15 September. Invitations including program and registration forms are currently being distributed.


The leading PC manufacturer DELL has obtained the Nemko NRTL/C mark for one of their new PC (Notebook) models.

The Republic of Georgia and Jordan have become Associate Members of the IEC (

Nemko’s annual seminar for international clients in the ITE and communication product areas is scheduled for 13-15 September in Oslo.

The new head of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise & Industry, Mr.

The recently released statistics for 2009 show that a total of 59654 CB Test Certificates (CBTCs) were issued, which represents an 11 % increase from 2008.

Nemko has now started issuing its own certificates for market access in the US, through its newly acquired NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Lab) in Salt Lake City, Utah; now known as Nemko CCL,

The European Automotive EMC Directive (2004/104/EC) requires approval of vehicles as well as certain embedded electronic equipment, and the application of a special marking (E or e) for this purpos