If any of the circumstances below apply to you, a hard Brexit will affect you. 

  • You are using the UK as the point of entry for your product to the rest of the EU
  • Your product is labelled with a UK importer or authorized representative, but you will be selling to other European countries.
  • You are using a UK Notified Body

We are in the final phase of the project that will see us complete the move into new headquarters at Philip Pedersens vei 11 at Lysaker in Oslo at the end of May. The entrepreneur, NCC, handed over the building to Nemko at a recent event marking the exchange.


Has the deadline passed for avoiding a Hard Brexit?

After the recent withdrawal of Regulation 665/2013, vacuum cleaners may no longer have energy labelling in the EU, and the label must be removed from devices currently on sale, both in stores and on the internet.

Manufacturers are currently facing tough Brexit decisions. Some of our customers are now moving functions from the UK to offices elsewhere in the EU to ensure continued market access should there be a no-deal Brexit on 29 March.

The EU Energy Label system for household appliances, televisions and lightbulbs has been through a major makeover with changes starting 1 January, 2019. All suppliers placing products with mandatory energy labelling must register the products in the new EU database.


Even though the US Government shutdown continues, the system allowing Nemko and other TCB’s to grant certificates is now available.  FCC staff are still furloughed meaning that no enquiries or other activities such as Pre-Approval Guidance testing requiring FCC personnel are possible at this...

After the UK Parliament voted down the negotiated transitional agreement between EU and the UK, Brexit has taken a new turn. What clarity does this bring to our Nemko customers?

Negotiators from the European Union and the UK have settled on a draft agreement for the extension of the transitional period for another 21 months.

Nemko is moving its headquarters from Gaustadalléen in Oslo to a new and environmentally friendly building in Philip Pedersens vei at Lysaker on the west side of Oslo in May 2019.