Update on market access conditions in Thailand

In Thailand are mains operated home electronics (audio/video equipment), electrical household appliances, electrical toys and skin treatment equipment currently subject to mandatory certification and labelling by TISI (Thai Industrial Standards Institute).

Such products need to be safety tested according to Thai (TIS) standard at a TISI approved lab in in the country, except for washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, for which CB scheme test certificates and reports are accepted.  For some types of lighting equipment, EMC testing is mandatory.

Although the testing standards are largely based on relevant international IEC standards, the TIS designations are different from the IEC and there are in some cases national differences.

Initial factory inspection is required and must in practice be carried out by a TISI approved Thai person as the reports are required to be in Thai language and to use of a special form.  Thereafter TISI will carry out annual market sampling.

For equipment with radio/wireless interfaces, approval by NBTC (National Broadcasting & Telecom Commission) is required, but may be based on testing to international standards by foreign labs, provided the lab is duly accredited. Local representative is required in all cases.

For more information or assistance with TISI certification, please contact TorGunnar.Sollid@nemko.com