Total Brexit chaos and constitutional crisis in UK

Has the deadline passed for avoiding a Hard Brexit?

Only an acceptance from all of the EU’s remaining 27 countries of an extension to the 29 March Brexit deadline can now save UK from crashing out of the EU without trade agreements. This means that any other solution than a Hard Brexit is out of the UK’s control. Time is running out after John Bercow, the Speaker of the Commons, ruled Theresa May's proposed third “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal out of order after it has already failed twice in Parliament.

Many of our customers with products entering the European Market through importers or Authorized Representatives are now approaching us for information about possible consequences and for assistance.

For customers relying on UK Notified Bodies documentation, we know the documentation is valid for one more week. What happens after 29 March is unknown.

We understand that many of the compliance engineers in our industry are concerned, because in many companies they will experience that their jobs are at stake. Some of them are taking a gamble and predicting that after Brexit everything will be as before.

It is impossible to know at this stage. At Nemko we are doing our utmost to help where we can, to safeguard continued market access for customers across industries such as ITC, maritime, avionics and more.