Robot for hospitalised children gains Nemko certification

A remotely operated robot that becomes the classroom ‘eyes and ears’ of children with long-term illness was developed by the Norwegian company No Isolation, which relied on Nemko for testing, inspection and certification services.

Children with long-term illness often experience feelings of loneliness and social isolation, as they are not able to interact with classmates and friends regularly. The Norwegian company No Isolation has built a remotely operated robot that brings these children back into the classroom using virtual reality. During the development of the robot, No Isolation relied on Nemko labs for the testing and certification process.

Currently, the AV1 is connecting 350 children and young adults with school and friends. “When children aren’t able to be present in the classroom physically, the AV1 is their eyes, ears and mouth, and they are still able to contribute,” says Marius Aabel, CTO of No Isolation. “The goal of AV1 is to eliminate loneliness.”

Modifications during testing phase

No Isolation approached Nemko when their engineers were moving from the prototype phase to the production design phase of the AV1 robot, which is controlled using a mobile phone or a tablet. They were frequent visitors to the Nemko lab in Oslo. “We did several modifications after the first pre-test of the AV1,” says Aabel. “The Nemko engineers have very good knowledge regarding the regulations and testing.”

The AV1 gives the children a livestream view of the classroom, and they can control the view with an app on a mobile device, using encrypted connections. It allows the child to raise a hand, participate, speak through the speaker and turn its head to see in any direction. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing was necessary, as the AV1 is 4G, 3G, 2G and wifi-enabled.

“For us, it was important to have a partner we could talk to who knows the rules and regulations and could guide us through the entire process,” says Aabel. “I would definitely recommend Nemko.”