New European environmental requirements for IT/AV equipment

European legislation concerning the Energy Related Products Regulation (642/2009) and the Energy Labeling Regulation (1062/2010) is in process of being changed.
Drafts for new regulations have been approved and are expected published the first half of July this year. (The new regulation numbers will be given then).

For electronic displays which are primarily intended for household, office or commercial use, including TVs, monitors and signage displays, stricter energy efficiency limits will stepwise be implemented during 2021-2023, with different levels for the different modes (Off, Stand-by, Networked stand-by).

There are, however, some exclusions, such as small displays (less than 100 cm2), projectors and video conference systems.

Also, there will be various new material efficiency requirements for IT/AV equipment implemented in 2021 (probably from 1 March), including design for dismantling/recycling/recovery, marking of >50g plastic components, providing of spare parts for repair for 7 years after sales stop, and not least ban on halogenated flame retardants in enclosures and stands.

The latter is perhaps the most revolutionary, as most enclosures and stands for such equipment are currently of plastics which contain such chemicals to limit fire risks.
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