Market access conditions ‘down-under'

According to regulations in Australia and New Zealand, most types of electrical articles used by or around consumers are subject to mandatory certification prior to sale. Such electrical articles are known as ‘declared articles’ and must comply with the relevant Australian/New Zealand standards and carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

Other electrical equipment, known as ‘non-declared articles’, must comply with the minimum safety requirements as contained in the standard AS/NZS 3820:2009.
The majority of AS/NZS standards applied to electrical articles are based on International (IEC) and European (EN) Standards. Test reports to these standards may be accepted provided the national differences are covered.
There are originally 56 classes of electrical items classified as declared articles. Recently, the New Zealand regulators added 10 more articles to this list, as can be seen here.
The governmental Australian body NSW Fair Trading is authorized under the Electrical (Consumer Safety) Act to certify declared articles for sale in Australia and New Zealand and has published some Explanatory Notes to this effect. The Act also provides for a number of private organizations to be recognized under given conditions.

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