Low Power Short Range devices no longer require Chinese radio approval

China has just published revised State Radio Administration Rules. From 1 December, 2016, Low Power Short Range radio devices no longer require approval by SRRC (State Radio Regulation Commission) for marketing in China.

In the new rules, under Chapter V - Radio Transmitter Devices Administration, Clause 44 states that ‘Except for Low Power Short Range Radio transmitting devices, all other radio transmitter devices shall apply for China SRRC approval before the devices can be imported and sold in China’

Low Power Short Range devices are defined in Notice No. 423 [2005] from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) and are typically remote controls for appliances such as home electronics. Such devices in China are mostly below 1GHz, except for 2.4GHz cordless phones and vehicle ranging radars in the 76-77GHz range. However, WiFi and Bluetooth devices do not fall into this category and thus still require China SRRC approval.

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