Increased uncertainty around Brexit!

Brexit secretary David Davis has resigned his position in the UK cabinet following the recent governmental consensus reached by Prime Minister Theresa May this weekend. This may trigger a call for a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister herself.

David Davis is actively opposing the soft Brexit line which the government currently is perusing, a plan he referred to as “certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense”. He would prefer a Canada-type of the agreement, one which is much looser than the UK government is working on. Several MPs are critical to Theresa May, among them the pro-Brexit conservative Andrea Jenkyns who recently told BBC that it is time for May to be replaced. Also, the Brexit vice secretary Steve Baker resigned Sunday evening.
According to ITV, this is the sixth minister to resign from Mays government in less than nine months, and with only eight months left to the date UK is set to leave the UK, the risk of a Hard-Brexit seems to grow closer.   ​