Important changes to China Compulsory Certification scheme

According to the CNCA announcement on June 11, China’s SAMR (State Administration for Marketing Regulation) and CNCA(Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) have made the following reforms and adjustments to the products catalogues and implementation rules of China Compulsory Certification (CCC) schemes:


1)       Products removed from CCC scope 

A total of 23 products are being removed from the CCC scope. They are: Various types of electrical tools, kinescopes, antenna amplifiers, computer games, learning machines and some vehicle safety parts, modems, ISDN terminals, WLAN products, industrial use plugs and connectors, some low voltage devices and some fire products. All CCC certification shall stop issuing CCC to these products. The existing CCC certificates for these products are to be cancelled by the issuing body from June 11. Some certification bodies, e.g. CQC,  offer the option for the license holder to switch the existing CCC certificates to voluntary CQC mark certification. The switch may be done without any testing or cost. The license holder simply needs to sign a letter of confirmation to CQC.


2)     SDoC to be implemented for a specified list of products

Starting from 1 October 2018, manufacturers can alternatively choose to demonstrate conformity to CCC by SDoC (Supplier Declaration of Conformity) mode for some specified products. CNCA has published the implementation rules for SDoC. In brief, there are two SDoC processes:  

a)     For class III IT/AV products with input voltage less than 5VDC or rated power within 15VA and without chargeable battery, the manufacturer can have the products tested at any qualified labs and then do a self-declaration.
b)     For products such as some low voltage devices, low power motors, various electrical welding machines, motor compressors and some vehicle parts, the manufacturers need to have the products tested at designated labs and then do a self-declaration.


The CNCA SDoC implementation rule includes an SDoC template that lists all mandatory information for the SDoC.

The detailed list of products removed from CCC scope and specified list of products subjected to alternative SDoC process are currently only in Chinese. If you need any further details, please feel free to contact Nemko China at