Handling of batteries for portable appliances for compulsory registration in India

Manufacturers and exporters of portable electrical/electronic equipment to India have expressed uncertainty whether associated batteries are subject to the mandatory registration by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) for marketing in India.

This does, however, now seem rather clear from the latest issue, Revision Nr.10 of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document provided by MeitY (Ministry of Electronics & IT Industry), regarding practical operation of the regulation for compulsory registration. Concerning batteries in end products, item # 41 in the FAQ’s Part I (Generic Issues) clarifies that batteries covered by this regulation are rechargeable batteries/single cells (other than button-type), such as Lithium-ion batteries, Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hydride cells.
Item # 44 states that a battery for use in a device/appliance which is conveniently hand carried is considered portable, and likewise cells intended for assembly in a portable battery. Products like laptops and mobiles phone are clearly portable appliances. According to item # 45, if a battery is an integral, not detachable part of the host product, the battery would be tested as a part of the host product itself.