Gulf Notified Bodies’ meetings in Dubai

At the invitation of the GSO management (the regional authority for standards and certification under the GCC, Gulf Cooperation Council) , representatives of the current 24 appointed Notified Bodies  for certification of products under the Low Voltage Technical Regulation (BD-142004-01) in the Arabic Gulf region, met in Dubai 10-12 April.

This was the second assembly of the ‘GSO Notified Bodies Cooperation Group for electrical products (GNBCG-LV) who this time divided the work into the previously established three Working Groups, i.e. WG1 on Clarification of GSO Requirements,  WG2 on Harmonizing Conformity Assessment Procedures and WG3 on Improving the Tracking System.
From the report of Nemko’s representative, Ms.Nastaran Vadoodi, who participated at this event, the following important points are noted:

  • Agreeing on a harmonized contents of the Gulf type examination certificate.
  • Many proposals for the GSO concerning clarification and simplification of the rules, including the contents of the ' List 2’ with products currently subject to mandatory certification, the related HS codes (international harmonized customs codes) and the corresponding standards (including those for EMC).
  • Noting that GSO standards are in general adoptions of the relevant IEC and CISPR standards (with a 2 years transition period), and that the nomenclature of the international IECEE/CB scheme for applicable IEC standards to be followed.
  • While affixing of the G-marking and Gulf Conformity Tracing Symbol (QR-code) on the actual product is mandatory, additional inclusion in the associated documentation is recommended to be voluntary.
  •  EMC test reports to be from laboratory within the international IECEE/CB scheme or accredited by ILAC member body.

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