First commercial laboratory in Norway for accelerated stress testing

Nemko is opening Norway’s first commercial test lab for HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) after signing an agreement with Shearwater GeoServices to take over the operation of their laboratory in Asker.

Nemko will be able to provide a wide range of commercial tests in the new facilities, including the accelerated stress tests HALT and HASS, starting on 1 August.

In the product development phase, potential design and manufacturing weaknesses can be identified using accelerated stress testing in a matter of days instead of weeks or years. This can result in significant savings in time and cost for Nemko’s customers. Read more about HALT and HASS testing here.

Shock tests, UV chamber

Additionally, Nemko will be able to deliver a range of new commercial services starting in August, including specialized shock tests and UV chamber tests. These tests are usually done during research and development of new products to ensure that they will withstand different types of stresses from use within the product’s expected lifetime.

“This is an important step in our growth strategy,” says Nemko CEO Per Ove Øyberg. “The new test lab means that we will be able to provide new services that complement our existing portfolio of reliability testing for key customers,” he says.

Shearwater GeoServices is a technology-focused company with a history of innovation ‘from Sensor to Image. “We’re pleased that Nemko is now taking over the operation of the testing lab,” says Svein Arne Frivik, Engineering Support Manager at Shearwater. “It has been, and will still be, an important element in our development process to create pioneering seismic acquisition systems,” he says.

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