Brexit – back to square one

After the UK Parliament voted down the negotiated transitional agreement between EU and the UK, Brexit has taken a new turn. What clarity does this bring to our Nemko customers?

Actually, none at all. In fact, every possibility becomes open.

1. Theresa May won the confidence vote, she will now continue to work on the transition agreement. She might be able to negotiate and initiate changes that will make the deal acceptable to the members of Parliament. However, it is clear that a complete agreement or even more significant modifications to the proposed transition agreement cannot be completed and agreed between the UK and the EU before Brexit on 29 March.

2. The EU has expressed openness to postponing the Brexit date for a few months.

If there are no changes from today’s situation, we have a ‘Hard Brexit’ on 30 March, with the consequences for our Nemko customers that we have described in previous notices.

Nemko will continue to keep you updated.