Belarus requirements for telecom/radios and for energy efficiency in 2017

A Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus No.: 849 announces additional requirements for electrical and electronic products to be marketed in Belarus from 2017.

The new requirements are described in English in a letter from the Belarus certification body Bellis and may be seen here
These are mandatory national requirements in addition to the current conformity assessment requirements for safety and EMC of electrical products.

A) Radio/Telecom requirements (Item 10 in the Resolution Annex)
Conformity assessment is required from 1 February next year, either by national certification or self-declaration (DoC), depending on the type of product as listed.
In case of certification, authorized local representative is not required so a foreign manufacturer can be the applicant directly.

B) Energy Efficiency requirements (Items 3 and 4 in the Resolution Annex).
Conformity assessment by national certification is required in all cases, except for motors which may be self-declared (by DoC).  Energy Efficiency requirements for different types of equipment will be implemented at different stages in 2017 as follows:
From 1 February: Office equipment, home electronics, luminaires and most household appliances.
From 1 April: Air Conditioners (<12 kW) and external Power Supplies (e.g. UPS)
From 1 September: Washing and Drying appliances.

At the same time, safety requirements are introduced for electrical cables >1000 V AC / 1500 V DC (Item 5 in the Resolution Annex), whereby conformity assessment by national certification is required from 1 February.

Also product types covered by this Resolution which are currently marketed in Belarus based on regional EAC certification to relevant product safety and EMC standards, must have the additional conformity assessment required by the Resolution No.849.

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