Being ready for RED...

The European Radio Equipment Directive (RED-2014/53/EU) will be enforced from 13 June this year and then replaces the current Radio & Tele-communication Terminal  directive (R&TTE-1999/5/EC) regarding regulations in the EU/EEA member countries for products using the radio frequency spectrum.

The new directive is meant to cover present needs better as well as serving future needs for the secure performance and safety of radio equipment, such as that resulting from the ‘wireless revolution’.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a clear exponent for this. For example, Nemko now has projects with assessment of wireless functions in household appliances, e.g. kitchen machine.
To support the general regulatory technical requirements in the RED, one needs a number of new harmonized European standards, which are not yet in place.
As in the current R&TTE directive, when there is not a relevant harmonized technical standard available, type examination of the product by an authorized European Notified Body is required. From the start, Nemko has had such authorization and, having now become Notified Body for the RED too, can provide such type examination and certification as may be needed by the customers.

For further information and/or application for certification, please contact