Africa quickly advancing in system modernization

Formerly underdeveloped regions in Africa are now quickly advancing in technologies like state-of-the-art systems for communication and systems for electrical power generation and distribution, including local grids.

These efforts are obviously driven by the increasing needs for energy both for consumers and businesses due to improved standards of living in many parts of the African continent.
The modernization of systems, when not restricted by existing rigid infrastructure for distribution and supply, in many cases means not only catching up, but actually surpassing more developed regions such as Europe.

Clear signs of the rapid development are found at the African Smart Grid Forums. The third such event is now being planned in Kigali, Rwanda next year. It is being organized jointly by the African Union, AFREC Energy and AFSEC. More information is available at this site.

At the end of last year, the African Union Conference of Ministers of Trade in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia did adopt the year 2017 as the African Year of Quality Infrastructure.
It is recognized that investments in this area nationally and regionally are fundamental for boosting economic integration and intra-African trade as well as global trade.
The initiative is timed to support the ongoing negotiations for the realization of a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) for Africa.

For more information see this press release.