14 August, Nemko customer Zivid Labs, received Research Council of Norway's Innovation Award 2018 for their development of a real-time color 3D camera

Brexit secretary David Davis has resigned his position in the UK cabinet following the recent governmental consensus reached by Prime Minister Theresa May this weekend. This may trigger a call for a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister herself.

According to the CNCA announcement on June 11, China’s SAMR (State Administration for Marketing Regulation) and CNCA(Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) have made the following reforms and adjustments to the products catalogues and implementation...

Norway’s popular television program «TV 2 hjelper deg» was asked by viewers to test a small gadget that supposedly saves consumers 50 percent off their electricity bill. The experts at Nemko’s Oslo lab found out the truth behind these claims.

Data protection, especially in Europe, is a growing concern. Can blockchain help us to cope with the susceptibility of our connected networks? Will blockchain’s security and encryption features help us fight hackers? Some data specialists think so.

The ‘Date of Withdrawal’ (DOW) for the European standards for IT products (EN 60950-1) and audio/video products (EN 60065), which conflict with the combined new hazard based standard (EN 62368-1), has been changed by the European standards body CENELEC from 20 June 2019 to 20 December 2020.

Investigations by European market surveillance authorities demonstrate an increase of illegal and dangerous products being brought into Europe. 
The most recent survey showed that 58 percent of electrical/electronic products were not in compliance with the European regulations. This entails potential safety risks for the consumers as well distortion of business competition.

Nemko Canada Inc., a division of Nemko  AS, headquartered in Oslo, Norway,  is expanding its extensive market access service in North America  by opening a new test laboratory in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

A remotely operated robot (shown on the right) becomes the classroom ‘eyes and ears’ of children with long-term illness.
It has been developed by the Norwegian company No Isolation, and was recently tested and certified by Nemko before being placed on the market.

Understanding the consequences of Brexit means understanding three possible outcomes in three different sales regions.