Nemko's compliance & market access seminar, 12-14 June in Norway

09:00 to 17:00
Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer, Storgata 108, 2615 Lillehammer

At the seminar you will receive the latest updates in various regions concerning market access and requirements in technical standards for electrical products.

This will allow you and your company to stay updated on the latest changes ahead of the competition. Nemko was one of the very first companies in the world to assist global IT companies with market access and we are the pioneers in this field.

Below are a few highlights from this year's programme:

•    Practical solutions for Indian market access 
•    The many challenges faced by manufacturers to meet EU requirements since the NLF 

•    Wireless Communication Security (IoT)
•    The GSO regulation for market access to the Arabic Gulf region 
•    Update on International certification schemes 

Separate sessions will be held for Household appliances, Medical equipment and Lighting products. These sessions will be held in parallel with topics related to IT/AV products.

Click here to see the seminar programme.

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Cost:  Participation fee is 300 USD per seminar day (including documentation, meals and social activities). For partners of Nemko’s testing by manufacturer” (TBM) programme, participation in the seminar is covered by the annual TBM fee. Travel and hotel expenses are to be covered by the participants themselves.

The seminar is hosted in the Olympic city, Lillehammer, which is a 2 hour scenic train ride from Oslo International Airport. The Lillehammer region has a special place in the hearts of many sports fans, thanks to the Winter Olympics in 1994 – one of the largest and most successful sporting events in modern Norwegian history.

The charming and historically important buildings in the city of Lillehammer serve as the backdrop for a modern and vibrant shopping environment. The town also has a rich offering of museums and cultural centres. During the seminar, participants, will be offered sightseeing at Maihaugen and the chance to try the wheelbob which can rach speeds up to 100 km/hr at the Olympic sliding centre outside of Lillehammer. 

To register, please fill in the below form and complete the registration by 30 April 2017. 

We look forward to seeing you in Norway!