ISPCE 2017 IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering

8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Holiday Inn, San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley)

IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society – Annual symposium (ISPCE) in San Jose, CA on 8-10 May 2017. 

The IEEE PSES hosts a premier symposium annually, ISPCE (IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering), on relevant topics for all workers and innovators in the area of Product Safety Engineering.

Join us in San Jose for ISPCE 2017 for three days of technical sessions and exhibits.

The Symposium will provide you with the opportunity to speak and network with over 200 primarily High Tech Industry leaders and professionals who have an interest in Product Safety Engineering. 

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Nemko Speakers:


Lars Mellander, International Market Access Specialist

Topic #1: Beyond the Basics’ for Global Market Access for product distribution around the world
The presentation will lay the foundation for a successful product launch in Global markets, keyed on steering around typical pitfalls that so many manufacturer fall into. Many of the key pitfalls will be highlighted, and the discussion will center around strategies to head them off, prior to impacting your product launch.

Topic #2: A detailed, yet functional overview for risk assessment for ITE equipment.
Presentation to include definitions, differences of a risk analyses and risk assessment, the means to show compliance, basic principles of safety integration, tolerable risk and formats/examples of risk assessments. It is the hope that this presentation will give attendees a vital tool that can be used as a solid base and guideline for which a risk assessment can be made.

Grant Schmidbauer, North America Region, Senior Vice President

Topic: India
India is a more and more demanding market for selling electrical and electronic products, both from a manufacturer's need to sell into this large market, but also the complexity of meeting the in-country testing and registration process.
This presentation will discuss the India / BIS CRS (compulsory registration system). It will provide insight into the necessary steps to take in order to make the process flow as seamless as possible, as well tackle the most common pitfalls that need to be avoided for a successful BIS registration.

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