Nemko seminar at Eptech show 26. Sept.

11:30 AM
Hotel Plaza Quebec, 3031 boul. Laurier, Sainte-Foy, QC G1V 2M2, Hall : Beethoven

 International Certifications for Wireless Products.
The regulatory landscape is continuously changing.  Find out how to gain Certification for your wireless devices around the planet.

An overview of the requirements will be covered as well as how to plan and prepare your products and documentation for a smooth project with on time delivery.

Speaker: Andrew Roberts

Andrew has over thirty years of  experience in leading edge new product development, primarily in regulatory compliance for telecommunications. 

He is Sales Executive for EMC, Safety, Wireless, Laser and Market Access services.  Andrew has in-depth cross-functional knowledge of EMC, Signal Integrity, Laser Safety, Product Safety, Network Attachment, Wireless Approvals, and Environmental Engineering as well as many other related disciplines.