Educational seminar: Compliance of MEDical and MEASurement devices that use laser and wireless technologies

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
INO Quebec , 2740 Einstein Street, Québec, Québec , G1P 4S4 Canada . Auditorium hall.

Laser technologies and wireless connectivity complexify the normative landscape for the new technologies. Learn how this will affect your approval process and how to minimize retesting/cost/time by repurposing your suppliers existing test reports.

The seminar will be beneficial for anyone working with compliance in the medical or measurement instrumentation R&D sector in Quebec city.

 8:30 AM  Registration, breakfast, networking
 9:00 AM  Introduction; Nemko and Optonique – A Brief History
 9:30 AM  Lasers: An Overview of Laser Safety - IEC 60825-1, IEC 60601-2-22 and FDA CDRH Laser Notices 50 and 56
15 Minute Break
11:15 AM Safety : IEC 61010 (MEAS) vs IEC 60601-1 (MED) , overview of main standards and differences in collaterals and particular standards.
12:15 PM Lunch, Networking
  1:30 PM EMC companion standards IEC 61326 (MEAS) and IEC  60601-1-2 rev 4 (MED) – similar test methods, different limits.
15 Minute Break
  2:45 PM Adding wireless modules : market access preplanning . Global certification of devices with a radio interface.
  4:15 PM Q&A
  5:00 PM Closure of the event

Participation fee: Free

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